Kiwi Leather Makeup Bag
Kiwi Leather Makeup Bag
Kiwi Leather Makeup Bag
Kiwi Leather Makeup Bag

Kiwi Leather Makeup Bag

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Such a cute petite partner to hold all your beauty essentials. Ideal for placing on your dressing table or popping in your purse, this little makeup bag is fully lined and crafted with Kiwi green- an all natural vegetable tanned New Zealand Sheepskin leather. 

The makeup bag is made with leather crafted in Italy from New Zealand sheepskin that features an accentuated natural grain that creates an alluring, soft texture to the surface. The end result is a  beautiful, drapey leather with a genuine worn-in aesthetic that exudes style and luxury. 

Please treat this bag with care. Daily wear will fade the bag's brilliant color, so take this bag out to wear on special occasions. This makeup is so uniquely vibrant because it was tanned naturally and is uncoated- please be gentle with this bag. 

Your bag is proudly made in Lynchburg, Virginia using the finest materials in the world.

  • 8"L x 2"W x 6"H
  • Crafted with luxurious lambskin leather in Kiwi green
  • Fully lined with Liberty of London Vintage floral fabric
  • Top zip closure
  • Made in the USA

A Message from your New Favorite: Lamb Leather

You are going to love me. I am soft and I feel like butter. My brilliant color exudes style and appeal. I was tanned in Italy from New Zealand sheepskin. My color comes from tanning with vegetable extracts giving me an authentically aged and worn in aesthetic.

Please, treat me with care. Take me out for special occasions- daily wear may fade my brilliant color over time. Don’t leave me in the sun and condition me with leather care when you see me get a little dry. Be gentle with me and  please don’t wear me with anything that will rub off and transfer (like those dark jeans!).

I am not a protected/coated leather. I am so uniquely pretty because I was naturally tanned and finished in order to achieve this vivid and radiant color and soft feel.

General Leather Care
For stains, blot immediately with a clean, dry cloth. For further cleaning, we suggest a leather cleaning conditioner. We also recommend dusting your bag or storing it in a dust bag. Dust absorbs moisture which will eventually dry your leather out.

Wash those jeans, girl! 
The Indigo that is used to create those inky, dark denim jeans that you love, is notorious for bleeding (e.g. transferring off and getting on all your other stuff). Please do not wear against your unwashed dark color denim!  It can be really frustrating to find that your very favorite pair of jeans has stained your new Meanwhile bag (not to mention, white furniture and even your skin!).