Birch Rust Leather Foldover Clutch & Crossbody
Birch Rust Leather Foldover Clutch & Crossbody
Birch Rust Leather Foldover Clutch & Crossbody
Birch Rust Leather Foldover Clutch & Crossbody

Birch Rust Leather Foldover Clutch & Crossbody

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Crafted with our vintage inspired Birch Rust Leather, the Meanwhile Foldover has a worn-in aesthetic. Ideal for your busy day to day, featuring a removable strap so you can easily transition to a clutch for your night out. 

Your bag is proudly made in Lynchburg, Virginia using the finest materials in the world.

  • H 7.5" x W 12" 
  • 48" Removable crossbody strap crafted with English Bridle Leather*
  • Vintage inspired Birch leather**
  • Natural raw leather interior.
  • Solid brass hardware including swivel trigger snap clasp.
  • Natural characteristics will be visible in leather.

*The brown leather straps are crafted from our English Bridle leather. This leather is created  in a 150 year old U.S. Tannery using ancient hand processing techniques and vegetable extracts. With regular use, your straps will become soft and age gracefully, developing a rich patina and distinctive character.

** Our Italian Vegetable Tanned Birch Leathers are crafted from Tuscan shoulder hides and tanned and hand distressed using an ancient hand-processing technique. It is untreated, warm, strong and personal. No two bags are the same, each marking is a memory that enriches the personality of your bag. The color variations and textured feel on our Birch leather is a uniquely a beautiful aesthetic that in no way changes the integrity of the leather. Over time the leather will age gracefully, developing a richness and patina that will continue to darken with sun exposure and use.  

Leather Care
For stains, blot immediately with a clean, dry cloth. For further cleaning, we suggest a leather cleaning conditioner. (Or not, just let that thing go and watch it get better with time). We also recommend dusting your bag or storing it in a dust bag. Dust absorbs moisture which will eventually dry your leather out.

Wash those jeans, girl! 
The Indigo that is used to create those inky, dark denim jeans that you love, is notorious for bleeding (e.g. transferring off and getting on all your other stuff). Please do not wear against your unwashed dark color denim! It can be really frustrating to find that your very favorite pair of jeans has stained your new Meanwhile bag (not to mention, white furniture and even your skin!).