Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary
Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary
Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary
Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary
Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary

Limited Edition* Dwarf Myrtle Topiary

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We are obsessed with myrtle topiaries!

Just in time for Mother's Day, we are offering them in medium and small sizes (planter and tray included) for pick-up only.

Small: 19" H (6" diameter planter)

Medium: 21" H (8" diameter planter)

Myrtle is an annual broadleaf evergreen shrub or small tree that can be clipped into an ornamental shape that blooms in the summer. The Topiary is slow growing but can reach 3 feet tall unless trimmed to remain shorter. Enjoy its natural fragrance when leaves are crushed!



*Annual- outdoor or indoor in late Spring to Fall, Winter indoor before frost

*Watering- Watering is the most important factor in keeping your topiary looking beautiful. Do not allow the topiary to sit in water or go completely dry. Maintaining evenly moist soil is crucial. Myrtle is salt sensitive- DO NOT USE SOFTENED WATER!!

*Light Exposure- Sun to shady area, slow growing and even more so when indoors and on short days of winter. When taking out of the greenhouse or house, slowly adjust it to the sun especially in the summertime.

*Fertilizer- In the Spring & Fall fertilize at half strength or use slow release fertilizer every 6 months

*Pruning- trim and shape as desired, this promotes new growth. Do not let branches get too long & heavy or they will flop & break. If the tips of the buds are not trimmed it will grow berries, remove these because it will not grow with these on. Keep the trunk clean from growth & support it with a stake until thickened.

*Repot- needs to be repotted OR the root ball will need to be trimmed when getting too big for the pot. Use the same pot or the next size up if necessary, cut off 1/3 of the bottom of the roots and repot. It is important to use a peat moss-based soil.

*Leaves turning brown? – this is natural for a topiary. Topiaries will lose inside leaves when brought indoors for the winter. Shake the topiary to get all dead leaves off. If leaves continue to brown, use a fungicide to help prevent further loss.


*In the Fall before frost, you will need to prepare your topiary for indoors. Remove plant and soil from the pot, it will be all rooted together. Cut off 1/3 of bottom, add a peat moss based potting soil in the bottom of the pot and replant.

*Topiary will lose its inside leaves due to lack of air movement that it usually gets outdoors. Do not panic, as long as there are green leaves elsewhere the topiary will be fine.

*Topiary will grow slower during the shorter months but trim if desired. Don’t worry if some of the plant doesn’t make it near the bottom.

*Light Requirements- place in a sunny location, a room with windows that lets in some light is a great spot.

*Watering- will not need water as often in winter BUT do not let the plant go bone dry or it will not make it.