Care & Cleaning

You have chosen to purchase this bag which is made out of beautiful natural leather or wax canvas that will wear in and not out. Here are some tips on how to age your bag well.

Taking Care Of Your Leather

Real, natural leather will take on a unique character over time, slowly developing a patina, and taking on the life of the user. If you get an undesired scratch on your leather, rub it out with the heat of your hand to shift the oils and cover the scratch. If you would like to condition your leather, we recommend using Tad Coffin leather conditioner sold on our website.

Taking Care Of Your Wax Canvas Bag

Scratches in wax canvas can be removed/smoothed out by using the heat of a blow dryer (approx 6” away). The heat brings the waxes to the surface, evening out the color and refreshing the look of your bag.

Cleaning Wax Canvas & Leather

Less is more when it comes to cleaning your leather bag or canvas bag. Simply blot the undesired spot immediately with a dry white cloth to absorb the moisture. Avoid rubbing. If needed, mix mild dish soap with water (3:1 ratio) to blot the area. Keep in mind, the stain will look its worst on the day of the incident, but over time, the stain will disperse through the protein fibers and become part of the beautiful worn in look.

A Note About Color Transfer (Wash Those Jeans, Girl!)

We are not responsible for color transfer onto your wax or leather bag (including any color that might rub off from your jeans, clothing or any fabric). Please, be careful! Wash those new jeans, girl!

Taking Care Of Your Hair On Hide Leather

Hair on hide leather is a natural product. This means, just like our hair, it will shed. You can expect that the parts of your bag that get more use will tend to shed and show wear (such as the part that rubs against your hip). This is simply a side effect of carrying a beautiful cowhide bag.
If shedding is a side effect that you are unhappy with, then hair on hide might not be the best choice for you. It is a delicate product, please handle it with care. Shedding is not covered by our warranty.

To clean your Hide Hair bag, wipe smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp (not wet) cloth using mild soap and water. Do not soak the hide or get it wet, and do not wash in a washing machine or dry clean. Brushing will help to keep the hair soft and helps to remove dirt.

Sheepskin Leather Care (Carry The Rainbow Collection)

You are going to love me. I am soft and I feel like butter. My brilliant color exudes style and appeal. I was tanned in Italy from New Zealand sheepskin. My color comes from tanning with vegetable extracts giving me an authentically aged and worn in aesthetic.

Please, treat me with care. Take me out for special occasions- daily wear may fade my brilliant color over time. Don’t leave me in the sun and condition me with leather care when you see me get a little dry. Be gentle with me and  please don’t wear me with anything that will rub off and transfer (like those dark jeans!).

I am not a protected/coated leather. I am so uniquely pretty because I was naturally tanned and finished in order to achieve this vivid and radiant color and soft feel.

Horse Hair Tassel

The horse hair tassel on the zipper pull is fragile and just for looks-  please use actual zipper pull to close your bag.

Virginia Leather

Virginia is an all natural vegetable tanned Italian leather with a smooth finish.  Veg-tanned leather is uniquely beautiful- each hide used boasting it's own natural markings, scars and color variations. When new, your bag will look light in color, but with use and exposure to sunlight, the look will evolve, developing a rich, darker patina...making each bag its very own. We promise you will love your this leather more and more every time you reach for it.

Birch White Leather

A uniquely beautiful and ever-evolving leather, Birch White Leather is distressed using an ancient hand-processing technique. No two bags are the same, the color variations and textured feel enrich the personality of each bag. As you use your Birch Leather, it will darken and flake giving it an amazing vintage feel that in no way changes the integrity of the leather.

Brown Leather Bag Comparison

Saddle Leather

Our Saddle Collection is constructed out of full grain vegetable tanned cowhide with a wax finish that burnishes over time. This leather has been milled to create a soft texture and light grain. The highs and lows of the surface will burnish and develop a deep sheen striking a seamless balance between elegant shine and rustic authentic color. The wax finish will deepen and darken to a warm gloss in areas of contact with wear and age, developing a unique and beautiful patina.