Our Story

Heather stumbled upon her innate love of the handmade early in her life while sewing duffle bags to sell at the farmer’s market to support her favorite pastime-horses. Bobby grew up spending weekends in his father’s furniture factory, cultivating a deep passion for the process of creating and building.
Heather traveled the world launching brands and discovering the finest quality materials that inspired her to create.  Bobby’s strong family roots and hands led him to carry on the legacy of three generations of furniture manufacturing, developing his appreciation of the value of family business.
The magnetic pull of home and their own budding family led them back to the joys of the farm lifestyle they both cherish, fulfilling their deeply rooted childhood dreams of living close to the land and creating with their hands.  Living on The Farm offers a lifestyle filled with early mornings, hard work, heartwarming laughter, good food and family.
Heather and Bobby began to share their passions with the community, selling vegetables from their organic garden at the local market, playing in the kitchen creating delicious blends from their abundant jalapeno crops, designing and manufacturing handcrafted leather goods and instilling the same dedication within their daughter Lee and son Bobby. 

In 2015, they launched Meanwhile Back On The Farm, born of their desire to create handmade products together that represent this wholesome lifestyle.  Hand sewn from the finest organic materials: vegetable tanned leather, waxed canvas and Liberty of London™ fabric, they excitedly share the harvest of these seeds they have sewn since childhood.

Our vision is to share our passion for all things “home grown” with you.