A woman holding the birch white wristlet bag with bright pink at the zipper, tan tassel, and meanwhile logo.
Woman placing her phone in the white and tan clutch with a light brown strap, tan tassel, and a bright pink zipper.
Woman holding birch white clutch with meanwhile logo and white tassel zipper.

Birch White Leather Wristlet

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The Wristlet is a perfect way to carry life’s necessities. Crafted with our vintage inspired Birch White Leather and paired with a pink accent zipper, this little gem is just the right size and sleek style for your special event (or, let's be honest...for any event).
Product description

Your bag is proudly made in Lynchburg, Virginia using the finest materials in the world.

  • 11”L x 8” H
  • Crafted with vintage inspired Birch White leather*
  • Metal YKK zipper in Pink
  • Natural raw leather interior
  • Vachetta leather wrist  strap
  • Removable horse hair tassel

*Our Italian Vegetable Tanned Birch Leathers are crafted from Tuscan shoulder hides and tanned and hand distressed using an ancient hand-processing technique. It is untreated, warm, strong and personal. No two bags are the same, each marking is a memory that enriches the personality of your bag. The color variations and textured feel on our Birch leather is a uniquely a beautiful aesthetic that in no way changes the integrity of the leather.

    Care & Cleaning

    You have chosen to purchase this bag which is made out of natural leather or wax canvas that will wear in and not out.

    Real, natural leather will take on a unique character over time, slowly developing a patina, and taking on the life of the user. If you get an undesired scratch on your leather, rub it out with the heat of your hand to shift the oils and cover the scratch. If you would like to condition your leather, we recommend using Tad Coffin leather conditioner sold on our website.

    Scratches in wax canvas can be removed/smoothed out by using the heat of a blow dryer (approx 6” away). The heat brings the waxes to the surface, evening out the color and refreshing the look of your bag.

    Less is more when it comes to cleaning your leather bag or canvas bag. Simply blot the undesired spot immediately with a dry white cloth to absorb the moisture. Avoid rubbing. If needed, mix mild dish soap with water (3:1 ratio) to blot the area. Keep in mind, the stain will look its worst on the day of the incident, but over time, the stain will disperse through the protein fibers and become part of the beautiful worn in look.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for color transfer onto your wax or leather bag (including any color that might rub off from your jeans, clothing or any fabric). Please, be careful!